Barrian™ is ideal in a wide array of applications, including paints and coatings, metals, concrete, plastics, fabrics, tapes, wood, adhesives and caulks, roofing materials, paper products, insulation, recreational equipment and much more.  Barrian additives fully integrate throughout coatings and other materials to provide robust, volumetric superhydrophobic performance. Barrian retains its durability and effectiveness as your product wears away. No other product can achieve this remarkable result.

Increase workplace and environmental safety

Barrian enhances workplace safety by eliminating hazardous water and ice on structures, equipment, and workplace surfaces. It prevents water accumulation and icing on oil exploration platforms and drilling rigs, walkways and railings, topside structures on ships and boats, roofs and overhangs on buildings, marine decking, and much more. Anywhere water or ice is a hazard, Barrian is the solution.

Barrian also helps protect the environment. It prevents ice and water accumulation that can threaten the structural integrity or proper functioning of tanks, railcars, or other equipment dedicated to the storage and transportation of hazardous materials. Barrian also prevents bio-fouling on marine vessels and water intakes without the use of toxic biocides, resulting in much greater operating efficiencies and halting the spread of invasive species from port to port.

Eliminate corrosion

The annual cost of corrosion to the worldwide economy is estimated to be well in excess of $2 trillion. In the energy industry alone, the cost is an astounding $12.1 billion. Barrian additives, whether incorporated into a protective coating or a substrate material, significantly enhance corrosion protection by preventing the intrusion and buildup of water and ice. Over time, Barrian will significantly decrease corrosion costs in all industries, protecting equipment, tooling, piping, and infrastructure for the long term.

    Comparison of metal plates exposed for 1000 hours to a salt fog.

Comparison of metal plates exposed for 1000 hours to a salt fog.

Add value to consumer goods

Barrian can add value and utility to clothing, outdoor furniture and fabrics, and many other consumer products.

Protect the biggest surface of all — the Earth’s

Barrian is eco-friendly, so it can increase your bottom line without increasing your environmental footprint.

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